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Introduction- The business plan for the Anacostia Business Improvement District has been developed based on the input of many business owners and stakeholders in Historic Anacostia. 

The goal of the Anacostia Business Improvement District is to enhance the commercial area and have residents, business owners and patrons excited about coming to a clean, safe, vibrant and economically thriving Anacostia.  This can be done through the BID enhancing services that are currently offered by the District of Columbia Government and implementing programs for:safety ambassadors, street cleaning, maintenance, beautification and transportation.

BID Benefits- BIDs across the country and in Washington D.C. have been successful in improving the image of the respective neighborhoods, thereby, increasing retail sales and occupancy rates leading to more job opportunities and improving and stabilizing the economic core.  The boundaries of the Anacostia BID are set by the D.C. City Council and subject to the approval of the commercial property owners in the BID area and registration of the BID by the mayor.

How Do BIDs Work?- A BID is a defined commercial area that consists of property owners and tenants who will pay a mandatory yearly assessment to have enhanced services within the BID boundaries.  Once the BID is defined, every commercial property owner and tenant will automatically become members of the BID.  These enhanced services aid in promoting the commercial areas as clean, safe and ready for business, thereby, enhancing and increasing the economic vitality for the future. 

Existing Bids- Currently, there are BIDs operating across the United States in major cities such as New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia.  In Washington D.C., there are several BIDs in operation.  Some examples are the BIDs in Adams Morgan, Georgetown, Golden Triangle and Capital Hill.

Anacostia BID Locations- The area encompassed by the Anacostia BID will include:  

1100 – 1700 blocks of Good Hope Rd. to 18th St. SE 

1700 – 2600 blocks of Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE to Magnolia St. SE  

800 – 1100 blocks of Howard Rd to Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE

Anacostia Drive from Howard Rd SE to Good Hope Rd SE

Costs- Annual BID taxes are calculated as not to exceed $0.19 per $100 of assessed value for all  non-exempt commercial property in the BID area.  Unless an increase is voted and agreed upon by the BID membership, there will be no increase in the first five years of operation for the Anacostia BID.

Duration- The duration of the Anacostia BID will commence when it is registered by the Mayor and will end five years after its creation.  If decided, the BID can be re-registered for another five year period if the BID membership and the Mayor approve the re-registration after a hearing is held.  Based on the current District of Columbia law, the authorized act will sunset after 20 years.

Through the formation of the Anacostia Business Improvement District (BID), the additional services that can be provided include:

  • Safety Ambassadors
  • Branding, Marketing and Promotion
  • Cleanliness
  • Transportation Management
  • Streetscape and Beautification